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Chevy Work Trucks & Vans for Sale in Youngstown, OH

Buying a work truck can be a wise investment, especially if you want a pickup with heavy-duty towing and hauling capabilities for a modest price. Chevy has a great range of work trucks, from the Silverado 1500 work truck to the Silverado 2500 and the Colorado work truck.

Chevy Work Trucks

Our Chevy work trucks have proven they can get the job done and have been well maintained by our expert auto technicians in our service center. They typically feature large cargo beds, powerful engines, and four-wheel drive. Their cabs may be smaller than the large cabins with two rows of seating you often find in family-oriented trucks. Additionally, many commercial Chevy trucks use diesel for fuel, which can have benefits over gasoline engines.

The Silverado 1500 work truck has a cab with a single row of seating, giving it a capacity of three. Other trims designed for family use have space for up to six passengers. The cargo bed typically measures 8 feet in length, giving you all the space you’ll need at the rear to transport bulky items. Whether it’s building equipment, your family’s vacation gear, or your household items during a move, this pickup will handle your cargo just fine.

The Colorado work truck can seat up to four people in the cab. It has a small back row of seats suitable for passengers on short journeys. The back doors to the cab have rear hinges. Colorado work trucks are usually equipped with the longest bed option, which measures 6 feet 2 inches in length.

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty truck, you may want to consider a Silverado 2500 work truck. These huge trucks are designed for commercial use and have even higher towing capacities than their smaller Silverado 1500 cousins. The 2500 can manage to tow over 18,000 pounds. This is ideal if you plan on hauling around some serious weight, but bear in mind that the more powerful engines under the hood of these trucks are thirstier than their smaller counterparts. So if you plan on taking your truck on longer drives on the highway, you may want to look at the Colorado or Silverado for better fuel economy.

Commercial Chevy Trucks & Vans for Sale in Youngstown, Ohio

Our fleet of work trucks has been inspected by our auto mechanics, who have also carried out any necessary repairs to ensure each truck continues to perform to a high standard. If you choose one of our certified pre-owned trucks, you’ll benefit from a vehicle history report so you can see whether major repairs have been carried out and if a routine maintenance schedule has been kept up throughout the truck’s life.

Our finance department can help you secure the perfect auto loan deal for your work truck purchase. Thanks to their years of experience in supporting Youngstown auto buyers like you and their extensive connections with financial lenders, our finance experts are well positioned to get you some of the most competitive offers on the market.


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