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Fuel Cost Calculator: Gas Mileage Comparison

Use the fuel cost calculator for a mpg comparison on your current used vehicle or new vehicles you may be considering. Cochran's fuel calculator tool has gas mileage estimates for cars, trucks and SUVs from present back to 1984. We also have an EV calculator where you can calculate the cost of charging your electric vehicle.

A fuel economy calculator is a useful tool to provide side-by-side gasoline price comparisons, whether it be for your current vehicle vs your potential new vehicle, or to compare two new vehicles you’re considering. This is especially helpful for car shoppers who are looking for the most fuel-efficient cars or for which trucks have the best gas mileage.

How Much Gas Will I Use?

For many drivers, your gasoline usage will vary heavily depending on your driving habits and needs. If your work commute involves major highway miles, or your truck requires the extra torque of a diesel engine, then your vehicle’s fuel economy can have a significant financial impact.

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