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transmission serivce in youngstown, ohio

There are a few maintenance tasks that your car requires from time to time in order for it to function in peak condition. In addition to tire rotations and oil changes, transmission services are an important maintenance task that your car needs. This is because the transmission is the component that carries power from the engine to the wheels so that your car can move. Whether you want a simple fluid change or a complete transmission service, #1 Cochran Chevrolet has qualified technicians to meet all of your car’s transmission needs.

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What Happens During a Transmission Flush?

A transmission service typically involves flushing out old transmission fluid and replacing it with new fluid. Some vehicles only need a fluid change, which removes dirty or contaminated fluid from the transmission pan and adds new fluid to the clean remnants of the original fluid. Another service is a transmission flush, which removes all prior transmission fluid and then replaces it with completely new fluid. After two years, it’s also recommended that you have your transmission filter replaced to help keep dirt and other debris from mixing with the fluid.

What Are the Benefits of a Changing Transmission Fluid?

Understanding the benefits of transmission services can help you avoid needing potentially costly auto repairs. Some of the benefits your car receives after it’s had a transmission service include:

Providing optimal lubrication

Transmission fluid acts as a lubricant to all the parts of your car’s transmission, and if you don’t have it replaced often, the lubricant often deteriorates because of the heat that results when you’re operating your vehicle. Eventually, it loses viscosity by becoming more diluted and can cause your transmission to work less effectively. By taking your car to a dealership and asking them to track the age of the fluid, you can ensure that your transmission always has optimal lubrication so that it’s always functioning properly.

Lengthening your car’s lifespan

Staying up-to-date with your car’s transmission needs can help prolong the overall life of the vehicle. If serviced regularly, it can last for over 300,000 miles. This can save you both time and money and ensure that your vehicle is working as manufacturers intended for years in the future. 

When Should You Get Your Transmission Serviced?

Manufacturers recommend servicing your transmission as often as necessary, just like you would with rotating your tires or getting an oil change. Your driver’s manual will provide a suggestion regarding how often you should have a transmission service. For automatic vehicles, the mileage you should cover between each service appointment is approximately every 60,000 to 100,000 miles. For a manual transmission, manufacturers recommend that you get them serviced every 30,000 miles. If you drive in more extreme conditions, you may need to have the transmission serviced sooner so that it continues working smoothly and has a longer lifespan.

How Can I Increase the Longevity of My Transmission?

If you’re looking to have a healthy transmission that can last up to 300,000 miles, consider using some of these tips to increase its longevity:

Check Your Transmission Fluid Regularly

A Cochran employee doing a diagnostic check on a Chevy vehicle

As transmission fluid circulates through the system, it may start to run low or pick up contaminants from parts of the transmission. This could lead to problems, such as overheating. To avoid this, you can check the fluid once every other month to determine its overall condition. If you check the dipstick and find that it looks murky rather than a clear red, then it likely needs to be changed. In addition, if it has a foul odor, that could also be a sign that you should bring it in to be looked at by a technician.

What color should your Transmission fluid be?

New transmission fluid should start off as a bright red color but as time goes by it will turn into a dark brown color, letting you know you should get your car serviced. If at any point you notice your transmission fluid turns pink then you need to get it serviced as soon as possible, as that is a sign of damaged fluid. It is important to check your transmission fluid to take note of its color so you know the urgency of replacing it.

Use Synthetic Fluid

There are a few reasons synthetic fluid is preferable to regular fluid. For starters, it’s better at resisting potentially damaging factors, such as shearing, heat, and cold. It can also help an older transmission have a continued solid performance for the foreseeable future.

Let Your Car Warm-Up

If you want your transmission to live a long life, make sure you let your car warm up on cold days, since transmission fluid is thicker when it’s in cold temperatures. If it doesn’t have time to warm up, it can put an unnecessary strain on the transmission. To let the car properly warm up, turn the vehicle on and let it idle for a few minutes until the engine’s revolutions per minute (RPM) have lowered.

What Are the Signs I Need My Transmission Looked At?

If you notice any of the signs below, consider coming to #1 Cochran Chevrolet’s Service Center, so our experienced technicians can take a look at your vehicle and determine if any transmission services are needed:

  • Gears don’t switch properly: If your fluid levels are low, your vehicle may have difficulty switching gears.
  • Your car has a burning smell: If you notice a burning smell coming from the car as you’re driving, it can be an indicator that the transmission is overheating and needs to be seen by a dealership right away.
  • You notice leaking fluid: An easy way to determine if you have a transmission issue is if you see a red fluid underneath where you park your vehicle.
  • You hear noises when the car is in neutral: If you hear any strange noises when your car is in neutral, it can be a sign that you need your fluid replaced or possible transmission replacement.

Where Should I Take My Vehicle To Get a Transmission Service?

If you notice any of the above signs and think it’s time for your car to get a transmission service, come by #1 Cochran Chevrolet, where we have qualified technicians who can quickly determine which transmission service is right for your vehicle. We can get ensure that it’s in the best driving condition for years to come. If you’re interested in scheduling a service, you can text us or use the online scheduler to set up an appointment. You can also give us a call at 330-685-9047.

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