Chevy Trade-in Value Calculator

Are you looking to trade in your Chevrolet? Upgrading your vehicle is a big decision, and it’s important to ensure you get the best value for your Chevy trade-in. Heading to a car dealership can be an intimidating process for a lot of people, as can understanding your car or truck’s trade-in value.

That’s why heading to #1 Cochran Chevrolet, a large, family-owned car dealership here in Youngstown, Ohio, is an excellent choice. Not only do we offer excellent customer service, support our local community, and make you feel like a member of the family and not just a customer; we also have a great online tool that helps you get an estimate of your Chevy trade-in value before you head to the shop. With this tool, which uses Kelley Blue Book values, #1 Cochran Chevrolet takes the difficulty out of getting a great deal on your car.

What Is My Car Worth?

Trade in values for used cars can be quite subjective. A number of variables are at play that affect your vehicle’s current worth, beyond its make, model, and year. An accurate evaluation of the condition of your vehicle, along with mileage, upgrades, and other factors, is required. Chevy trade-in value even changes based on your geographic location, so it’s important to get an accurate estimate for the Youngstown, Ohio, area. The easiest way to get an estimated value for your Chevy trade-in is by using the online tool found on #1 Cochran Chevrolet’s website.

This online tool takes just a few easy steps. It begins by asking about your car’s license plate, VIN, or make and model. If you need help locating your VIN number, take a look here on where to find your VIN number.  Then you provide additional details based on the quality and condition of your vehicle, and the tool provides you with an estimated trade-in value. Remember, you aren’t committing to a sale or making a deal at this point! A friendly representative from #1 Cochran Chevrolet will give you a call, and you can begin the process of getting more information and a more accurate estimate from there. It’s all a very painless, fun process at #1 Cochran Chevrolet!

How To Use the #1 Cochran Chevrolet KBB Trade-in Form

Our handy trade-in value estimate form takes less than a minute to complete. All you have to do is enter your vehicle’s license plate number, vehicle identification number, or the make and model. You’ll also have to give the mileage, trim level, and certain relevant information, like the drivetrain style. Adding as much information as you can be helpful, like describing which features are included, the color, and more.

After submitting the info, the KBB tool will estimate the value of your vehicle. To keep them accurate with the state of the market, our quoted offers will last for seven days. If you like your car’s trade-in quote, you can arrange for our used car manager to inspect your vehicle in person. You’ll receive a final appraisal with potential adjustments to the offer if there are discrepancies in the form submission. Overall, if you describe your vehicle accurately, you will get what you were quoted and can use that full value toward your next Chevrolet.

The Benefits of Trading in Your Current Car

Upgrading to a new vehicle will probably require some budgeting. Getting the maximum value for your current Chevrolet will help you acquire an even better model or make the financing process easier. Keep in mind that if you have a loan on your old car, you’ll still need to pay it off. Depending on your situation, there are often financing alternatives that can suit you.

The Ohio DMV charges a 5.75% sales tax on all cars sold. However, with a trade-in, the value you get for your old car reduces the tax payment for the newer car. For example, if you buy a car for $40,000 and trade in a car worth $10,000, assuming you have no outstanding loans, you now need to pay $30,000 to the dealership and 5.75% of that amount in tax, which would be $1,725. If you bought the new car first at $40,000, you’d have to pay $2,300 in tax.

Skipping past the inconsistent private car sales market and doing business with a trustworthy dealership is almost always the better option. When you do business with #1 Cochran Chevrolet, a large, family-owned car dealership here in Youngstown, Ohio, you’ll get the best inventory and customer service. If you’re ready, fill out our KBB form now and get a detailed estimate for selling your Chevrolet.

How the KBB Trade-In Value Is Determined

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When we buy used cars from the good people of Youngstown, Ohio, we use our KBB form to provide consistent, market-accurate values. Kelley Blue Book is one of the largest, most relied-upon companies for automotive research and sales data. With a KBB valuation and our knowledgeable team, you can get a cash offer based on how much people nearby pay for vehicles like yours. To give you an idea of what to expect, here are the main factors that influence your car’s Kelley Blue Book value:

Condition and Accident History

Cars with a neglected maintenance record or an accident in their history may require repairs by an automotive service department, meaning further expenses. You’ll get less for a trade if it’s been damaged or if certain systems need maintenance.


Even the best Chevrolet models can’t last forever. How much a car has been driven in total is one of the most consistent ways to gauge its maintenance needs. After 120,000 miles, the average car probably needs some thorough service. Except for some antique cars, higher mileage usually drops the price.

Aftermarket Parts

If you added accessories or aftermarket parts to your Chevrolet, the effect on your KBB estimate can go either way. Genuine OEM Chevrolet accessories have a better chance of improving the sales value, while niche or cheap aftermarket items that fewer people would want may decrease it than you would’ve gotten otherwise.

Location and Time

Your location may have above-average sale prices for the type of model you want to sell or just cars in general. Time also affects the market, like January through April, when car prices usually hit their lowest values. This isn’t universal, though, and our dealership offers affordable prices and worthwhile specials throughout the year for our customers.

It’s important to get an accurate estimate of your car’s value in the areas near Youngstown, and our form will handle everything in minutes. Try it out if you’re ready to get your next Chevrolet vehicle.

What’s the Average Chevrolet Vehicle Worth When Trading It in?

Like cars from other automakers, the amount you can get for a Chevrolet will vary dramatically based on the vehicle’s demand and age. That said, the average used car price in Ohio is $31,227. You can consider that an estimate to try and reach if you have a common vehicle type and a Chevrolet model from the past five years.

If you do end up getting less than you expected from your quote, sometimes getting a service and detailing will make a big difference. We also recommend applying for financing through us so that you can get the best loan options and get even more value from your purchase.

Be careful about other automotive dealerships that offer KBB trade-in forms. Some places may provide you with above-average quoted prices only to tack on extra fees at signing, luring you into a deal that costs you more overall. Stick to an honest business that wants to keep you happy, like #1 Cochran Chevrolet.

Chevy Trade-In Deals at #1 Cochran Chevrolet

#1 Cochran Chevrolet aims to make the trade-in process smooth and hassle-free. Buying a new car should be a fun experience, after all! Cochran is a premier Ohio car dealership. They invest not only in their customers, but also in the community, putting money directly into local initiatives. Our staff are committed to providing you with excellent customer service, finding a vehicle that’s perfect for you, and giving you the best value for your Chevy car or truck trade-in.

So, if you’re thinking about trading in your used vehicle, look no further than #1 Cochran Chevrolet. Our friendly staff understands that you’ve done your research and want to get the best value for your car or truck. With regular new and used specials, you’ll be driving off the lot in your dream Chevy in no time! Head on over to the online tool today, or contact us, to start the process of getting the best local value for your Chevy trade-in.