Chevy Silverado Double Cab vs. Crew Cab

February 10th, 2022 by

If you’re shopping for a truck, you’re likely focused on two critical factors that will determine your experience behind the wheel: functionality and performance. Beyond the trim levels, one major aspect of your truck that will impact its functionality is the type of cab you choose. First-time truck shoppers may not know exactly what cab sizes mean or how they impact the truck they end up buying. That’s why we’re here to help!

In this guide, we’re going to take a better look at the double cab and crew cab options for the Chevy Silverado to help you find the perfect fit. 

What Are Cab Sizes and How Will My Choice Affect My Experience? 

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When you’re shopping around for a truck, the sheer number of cab size options can be confusing. This is especially true if you’re not sure what cab size means on your vehicle. So, what exactly is a cab size? Cab size or cabin size determines a wide variety of design elements found on or in your truck. These include:

Passenger Capacity

If you’re planning on using your truck to carry more than two passengers, you’re going to need a bigger cab size. Both the double cab and crew cab on the Silverado can comfortably fit around five to six people. In this regard, both crew cabs and double cabs are excellent for those who need a work truck or a family truck. Where your choice begins to make a difference happens in the categories below. 


Crew cabs offer the most space in the interior of the cabin, offering more legroom for your passengers as well as more room for yourself. However, that’s not to say that double cabs aren’t spacious or comfortable. Double cabs hold the same amount of people, but the cabin is less wide and long. Visiting our dealership for a test drive will help you get a better feel for your favorite trim. 

Ground Clearance

Are you someone who tends to go off-roading with your truck? Do you plan on using your truck for getaways or family vacations? While ground clearance only varies a couple of inches between the double cab and crew cab models for the Silverado, this is another thing to consider when you begin shopping around for a new Chevy. 

Cargo Space

Passenger capacity isn’t the only thing that changes when you’re choosing between the double cab and crew cab. Since crew cabs have more room for passengers with their extended cabin, you can store far more in your space than you would be able to in a double cab. However, there’s something that you will also need to consider: bed size. 

The type of cab will ultimately determine bed size, but you actually have different choices of bed size regardless of whether you choose a double cab or crew cab Silverado. For example, the 2022 Chevy Silverado HD 2500-3500 gives you the option of long beds and standard beds across trim levels with double cab and crew cab selections. 

The same holds true for the 2022 Chevy Silverado 1500. However, this model actually offers an option for a short bed as well as a standard bed or a long bed. No matter what you plan on using your truck for, you’ll want to consider cargo space and what role it plays in your experience. 


Generally speaking, double cabs cost less than crew cabs. Why? Remember that crew cabs are much larger than double cabs. When you start shopping for trucks, you’re going to naturally pay more for more space. Make sure that you have this in the back of your mind when you’re looking at the different Silverado options. 

Trim Levels

Certain trim levels are built with certain features in mind, including cab size and bed size. This means that the combination you choose will impact which trims you’re able to access. 

For example, let’s imagine that you have your sights set on the double cab with a standard bed. This combination allows you to choose from these trim levels: the WT, the Custom, the Custom Trail Boss, the LT, and the RST. Meanwhile, going with the crew cab with an extended bed gives you these trim options: the WT, the Custom, the LT, the RST, the LT Trail Boss, the LTZ, and the High Country. 

If you’re shopping with cab size and bed size in mind, you’ll want to determine which combination you want. This will allow you to find available trims based on these qualities. Then, you can compare the various features offered by the available trim levels. 

Do Double Cab and Extended Cab Mean the Same Thing? 

Those who have done a little digging online might have come across a few resources that state double cab and extended cab mean the same thing. While this is true for certain vehicles, this isn’t the case for the Silverado. A double cab falls somewhere between crew cabs and extended cabs, offering a bit more room but still offering a smaller body than a crew cab option. 

Where you might see extended cab used in place of the double cab is when you’re shopping for a Chevy Colorado. However, you won’t have an issue differentiating between the two if you’re only interested in driving home a new Silverado. 

Find the Perfect Chevy Silverado at Cochran Chevrolet

Learning more about cab sizes, bed lengths, and beyond can be confusing. This is why we recommend getting high-quality support from the friendly staff over at Cochran Chevrolet of Youngstown, Ohio. With a deep understanding of past and modern Chevrolet vehicles and a stellar track record for guiding customers through the car-buying process, it’s never been easier to get the Silverado you’re looking for. 

Shop new cars online or reach out to our financing department to figure out what the next steps are in driving your Silverado home. Need some help figuring out which cab size is right for you? Come on down to your #1 Cochran dealership or contact us today!