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There will be days when your Chevrolet will depend on you to function optimally. For instance, when you get a flat tire while driving, chances are you’ll have to change it yourself if you can’t find a roadside service. For many people, the thought of using a car jack makes them break out in a cold sweat. However, learning to properly jack up a car will give you complete peace of mind.

This involves identifying the jack points in your Chevrolet accurately and precisely. If you want to learn more about jack points and how to locate them in your vehicle, then you’ve come to the right place. In this post, #1 Cochran Chevrolet will discuss everything you need to know about jack points and their location in your Chevrolet vehicle.

What are Jack Points?

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A jack point refers to an area under the car where you must place a jack to ensure that you safely lift the vehicle off the ground to a specific height that allows you to work underneath it. While many locations underneath your car are safe for placing a jack, only a few are considered safest as they’re designed for jacking purposes.

Why are Jack Points Important?

It’s critical to precisely identify jack points, as poorly placing the car jack may lead to severe damage to the vehicle. Also, the vehicle may slip and cause injuries. If you own a Chevrolet in Youngstown, you can use your manual as guidance, or you can visit a Chevrolet dealership like Cochran Chevrolet, where our technicians can show you the locations of your car’s jack points. These are specific points on your model that the manufacturer identified as strong enough to support the car’s weight while it’s being lifted off the ground.

Locating Jack Points on Chevrolet Vehicles

Your Chevrolet Colorado jack points may be located in a different area than the Chevrolet Silverado. It’s advisable to consult your vehicle’s manual and check diagrams to know where the jack points are located. You can use different jack points in Chevrolet vehicles based on your job type. For example, if you want to remove a Chevrolet Silverado tire, place the jack at the designated spot ahead of the rear gear or at the back of the front tire. Make sure your jack is standing along the appropriate axle.

The jack point of a Chevrolet Colorado is located behind the passenger seat in the cabin. When you want to jack up your truck to change a tire, lift it directly from the frame, which is the strongest point. Chevrolet Bolt jack points are more challenging to find. We recommend checking a dealer’s Bolt EV service manual that shows you its underside and corresponding jack points. The next time you take your vehicle for a service, ask about this critical information and get a mechanic to demonstrate it.

How to Use a Car Jack Safely

Getting your vehicle in the air means preparing properly to avoid injuries and damage. The following steps will help you prepare your car for a tire change:

1. Pull Over to a Safe Place.

Find a safe place away from the road to pull over. If you’re near an exit on the highway, take it to get off the road entirely. Remember that you need to park on level ground where you can use a car jack safely. If you’re on a highway, just find the safest spot to stop the car, ideally not near a blind spot or corner, and remember to only stop on level ground.

2. Secure Your Car

Turn off the vehicle’s engine. Ensure the park gear is engaged, and no passengers are in the vehicle. If you can find a rock, brick, or piece of wood, use it to block a tire to prevent any sudden movement when you lift the car.

3. Locate the Car Jack and Jack Points

As we’ve mentioned, the jack points are located in different areas of a vehicle, depending on what you want to do. In most vehicles, the jack is in the trunk. In an SUV, it’s under the cargo floor cover. The jack points are reinforced metal ribs designed to lift the vehicle and are often located under the car’s rocker panels behind the front wheels and in front of the rear wheels.

4. Position the Vehicle

Check your manual to know exactly how your jack works with a jack point. Most car jacks have a slot on their engagement flange that slips into the jack point’s reinforced rib. Check your setup and ensure you understand exactly what you need to do.

5. Jack Up the Vehicle

Slowly rotate the jack handle clockwise until the flat tire lifts off the ground. Ensure that the jack remains straight when lifting the vehicle. It won’t hold the car up securely at that angle if it’s leaning. Take your time to ensure that the car is safely and securely off the ground before going underneath it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Functions of a Jack and Jack Stand?

A jack helps lift the car off the ground while the jack stand supports the vehicle and keeps it in position. You must place the jack stand at a point close to the jack, in a safe area in the vehicle’s frame.

Can You Place Jack Stands on the Axle?

You can place jack stands on the axle since it helps lift the car higher than when placing it beneath the frame. Before doing so, ensure the stands are more robust and have a solid base.

Is it Safe to Work Under a Vehicle on Jack Stands?

This is generally safe, but shake the vehicle slightly first to ensure it is steady. Make sure the car and the jack stand are on level ground.

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