Is it better to go to a dealer for oil change?

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Routine oil changes are an essential part of making sure your vehicle functions well. Going to the right place when it’s time to change your car’s oil is equally important. Getting an oil change at a dealership comes with many benefits that you might not expect. Not only will you make sure someone with the proper training and experience is working on your car, but you also might save some money by going to the dealer.

If you’re wondering whether you should get an oil change at a dealership or not, this guide will help you understand the advantages you can expect when you leave your vehicle in the hands of the professionals at your local dealership.

Why Are Oil Changes Important?

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The engine is one of the most important components of your vehicle, and oil changes are necessary to keep your engine running smoothly. Proper oil changes that use the right type of oil for your vehicle will:

  • Make sure you can keep driving without damaging your engine.
  • Prolong the life of your vehicle.

The oil in your car gets dirty and degrades as you drive, reducing its effectiveness and causing it to build up in the engine. This, in turn, increases friction and heat. Too much friction and heat can cause serious damage to your engine, such as a blown gasket.

It’s not just getting an oil change that’s important, however. Getting the right oil change is key. Oil follows a natural cycle, and each vehicle requires a certain type of oil. If you decide to use an oil type that the vehicle manufacturer does not recommend, it makes it much harder to follow the oil’s pattern of degradation, causing engine damage.

On the other hand, the right oil easily cycles through the entire engine, cutting down the friction and allowing every part to move well. A quick oil change performed by a qualified professional will mitigate risk to your engine, keeping your vehicle running for years to come.

Benefits of Getting an Oil Change at a Dealership

A dealership has some of the most qualified people available to work on your vehicle. Getting your oil change at your vehicle’s dealership comes with a variety of benefits.

Knowledge of the Vehicle Brand

A dealership knows your car or truck better than anyone else since they specialize in that brand. That means that the technicians are unlikely to make mistakes during the process of changing your oil. If you’re getting an oil change for your Chevrolet, for example, there’s no better place to go than your local Chevy dealer.

Your vehicle needs the proper grade of oil to perform well, and a dealer who specializes in your vehicle brand knows exactly what to choose. Not only that, they know how much to add. Too much oil can cause as much damage as too little, so adding the correct amount is key to a well-functioning vehicle.

Quality and Skill

You don’t always know what you’re going to get in terms of quality and skill when you go to an independent shop. Garages and repair shops can employ anyone they want, and when you bring in your car for an oil change, something might go wrong due to inexperienced staff. Though oil changes are relatively simple, someone who isn’t experienced with the right way to change the specific oil your vehicle needs can easily do it wrong.

A variety of issues can arise if a technician who isn’t trained properly works on your car. They may not properly install a new oil filter, which could cause a leak or make your oil degrade faster. Not only that, but many manufacturers also have specific instructions for how to remove and reinstall your oil pan’s drain plug. Making a mistake during this process could cause the plug to become loose, potentially causing a major leak from your oil pan.

A dealership takes those possibilities out of the equation. You know that the staff at a dealership is fully trained in terms of your specific vehicle’s needs. They work on vehicles just like yours every day, making them very comfortable and experienced with the service your vehicle requires.

Relationships and Respect

If you go to a dealership to get your oil change, you can rest assured that the staff will treat you with respect because they want to build a relationship with you. Your local dealer wants to build trust with you so you’ll keep coming back to them for future service and even future vehicle purchases. If you have a good experience with something simple like an oil change, a dealer knows that you’re more likely to return the next time you need something for your car or SUV.

Dealerships also have great relationships with the manufacturer of the vehicles they sell. You know you’ll get the best oil for your vehicle by getting your oil change at a dealership.

Cost Savings

Many car owners believe that it’s not possible to get a cheap oil change at a dealership. As a result, these people might head over to a random garage for an oil change, taking a risk that the garage might not really know the details about their particular vehicle.

Though oil changes are an essential component of keeping your car running smoothly, the process itself is actually quite simple. This means dealerships can offer inexpensive oil changes just like other garages can. At the same time, dealerships have better staff and facilities to complete the work. Additionally, your dealership may offer specials for service that you can’t get from other places.

Working with an experienced dealer when it’s time for a routine oil change ensures that your vehicle gets the proper attention and experience it deserves. You know your car or truck is in good hands when you turn to a dealership that specializes in the particular vehicle you drive for any type of service, and that’s certainly true of oil changes.

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