Top 6 Hunting Spots Near Austintown

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Are you an avid hunter looking for a new hunting spot to enjoy during hunting season? Or are you a new hunter eager to find a beginner hunting location in your area where you can hone your skills?

No matter what level hunter you are or what goals you have, there are several great hunting locations throughout the Austintown, Ohio, area that are perfect for every hunter.

Larlynn Pheasant Farm & Preserve

Larlynn Pheasant Farm & Preserve is a great hunting location located in Cortland, Ohio. This farm and preserve offers upland bird hunting and several amenities to make your time on the preserve as enjoyable as possible. These amenities include lunch in the preserve’s heated clubhouse and even cleaning of your game.

Located in nearby Trumbull County, Larlynn Pheasant Farm & Preserve offers half-day hunts as well as guided hunts that can be scheduled with one of the preserve’s own hunting dogs. The primary game you can hunt here includes quail, chukar, and pheasant. The preserve is owned and operated by husband and wife Larry and Lynne Brady and has been open to the public since 2003. Visit Larlynn Pheasant Farm & Preserve at 6811 N. Park Ave. in Cortland.

Four Seasons Game Bird Farm

Four Seasons Game Bird Farm offers some of Western Pennsylvania’s finest game bird hunting and has hunting options that are both beginner-friendly and intended for expert sportsmen. You can even train your hunting dog here, thanks to the good open land and access to the finest game birds. This farm features 450 acres of open land with a diverse terrain of varying levels. In fact, the land you’ll find at Four Seasons Game Bird Farm is as close to wild hunting as you’ll get without actually being out in the wild!

Four Seasons Game Bird Farm caters to both individual hunters and groups and will even accommodate large, corporate-style hunting groups as well. In order to hunt, you must make an appointment Monday through Saturday during the months of September through April. No license is required to hunt at Four Seasons Game Bird Farm, but you will need to wear orange while hunting here. The farm is located at 115 List Hill Road in Valencia, Pennsylvania. 

Mt. Hope Game Preserve

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Mt. Hope Game Preserve is a beef cattle farm with special areas designated for upland game hunting. The preserve is 144 acres of open land located in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania. This preserve offers hunters a wild hunting environment that’s free of commercial structures and city distractions. A few of the many upland bird species you’ll find at Mt. Hope Game Preserve include ruffed grouse, ring-necked pheasant, gray partridge, bobwhite quail, sage grouse, doves, pigeons, mountain quail, prairie chicken, and chukar. 

Mt. Hope Game Preserve does not offer any amenities, so be sure to pack a lunch and bring a hunting chair if you plan to hunt for the entire day. This great hunting spot is located at 285 McCready Road in Burgettstown and is open to the public.

Crooked Creek Preserve

Crooked Creek Preserve is a 300-acre hunting preserve that’s owned and operated by Lary Smock. The land has been in Smock’s family for more than 50 years, and Lary himself has 40 years of hunting and trapping experience as well as experience training gun dogs. His family established the preserve in 1990 to provide other hunters an open area to do what they do best: hunt.

Activities you can enjoy while at Crooked Creek Preserve include upland bird hunting, waterfowl hunting, turkey hunting, whitetail deer hunting, and fishing. Specific species you can look forward to hunting include rabbit, gray fox, gray squirrel, American widgeon, crow, Canada geese, long-tailed duck, pigeon, grouse, black duck, Northern pintail, dove, and pheasant. Crooked Creek Preserve is located at 16061 Rogers Ferry Road in Meadville, Pennsylvania, and is open to the public.

W.C.J. Ranch

W.C.J. Ranch is a non-profit corporation originated by Charles E. Schmitz in 1993. This ranch offers regulated licensed hunting and shooting at no cost to disabled veterans, combat-disabled veterans, and youth hunters with little to no experience. W.C.J. Ranch is also a whitetail deer hunting and first-class turkey hunting area that caters to the physically disabled and physically challenged hunter. The ranch consists of 132 acres of privately managed land that’s full of several bird species you can hunt, including turkey, chukar, and pheasants.

Additional hunting opportunities at W.C.J. Ranch include early-season whitetail deer hunting with a rifle, muzzleloader, or crossbow and spring and fall turkey hunting. W.C.J. Ranch is located at 305 Jefferson Street in Meadville, Pennsylvania, and is open to the public during hunting season.

The Knapp Farm Hunting Preserve

The Knapp Farm Hunting Preserve, located in Titusville, Pennsylvania, offers more than 1,000 acres of private land on a registered Pennsylvania century farm. The farm offers several hunting packages you can choose from depending on your level of expertise, and experts are available to guide you through the farm and show you the best locations to set up shop. The Knapp Farm Hunting Preserve offers three areas that are specifically designated for bird hunting, with each area being at least 100 acres and set apart in terrain and cover.

You can hunt at The Knapp Farm Hunting Preserve as a group or individually. Groups will have their own assigned area so you can trust that no other hunters will be in that area when your group is. The primary game hunted at The Knapp Farm Hunting Preserve includes pheasant, wild turkey, bear, deer, and chukar. And, if you want to make a weekend of this hunting preserve, you can even rent a room at the farm-style Bed & Breakfast located right on the preserve. The Knapp Farm Hunting Preserve is located at 43778 Thompson Run Road and is open to the public.

Before setting off on your next hunting adventure, be sure that your hunting permits are up-to-date and the game you’re planning on hunting is in season. And, after you’ve visited a few hunting spots near Austintown, let us know which one you enjoyed the most over at Cochran Chevrolet!

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